Tirso de Molina

Spanish writer c. 1583-c.1648

Tirso de Molina (October, 1571? - March 12, 1648) was a Spanish Baroque dramatist and poet.

Originally Gabriel Tellez, he was born in Madrid. He studied at Alcalá de Henares, joined the Order of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mercy on November 4 1600, and entered the Monastery of San Antolín at Guadalajara, Spain on January 21 1601. He was ordained a priest by 1610.[1]


  1. The exact date of his ordination to the priesthood is not known, but the earliest notice of him in that connexion is in 1610 when he is mentioned by Andrés de Claramonte y Corroy in his "Letanía Moral", as Padre Fray Gabriel Téllez of the order of Nuestra Señora de la Merced.