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  • a character in Le château à Toto (Toto’s castle), 1868 opéra bouffe
  • the title character of Princess Toto, 1876 comic opera by W. S. Gilbert and Frederic Clay
  • the title character of Toto of Arabia, 1965 Italian-Spanish adventure-comedy movie
  • Toto, the main character of Toto Forever, 2010 short movie
  • Toto, a Gamera character from Gamera the Brave
  • Toto, the main character in Stories Toto Told Me and In His Own Image by Frederick Rolfe

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  • Toto people, ethnonym for isolated tribal group from Totopara, Alipurduar district, West Bengal, India
  • Toto language, spoken by the Toto people

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  • Totò, stage name of Antonio De Curtis (1898–1967), Italian comedian, actor, writer, and songwriter
  • Totó la Momposina, Colombian singer Sonia Bazanta Vides (born 1948)

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