natural number with the value 10¹²

A trillion is an integer. It is also written as 1012. One trillion is a thousand billion or million million in most modern English-speaking countries. The number is represented by the prefix “Tera-“.

In British English, the term trillion used to mean “million billion” , “million million million” or 1018. The difference between the two values known as the long and short scales of large numbers.

Some examples about trillionEdit

  • The Earth is about a trillion meters from the Moon
  • The Milky Way only has about 0.1 trillion stars
  • There are about 3 trillion trees on Earth
  • There are around 39 trillion bacteria on or in the human body.
  • There are about 3.5 trillion different fishes in all the oceans of the Earth.
  • A light year is about 9.5 trillion kilometers.