Troubadour (K'naan album)

2009 album by K'naan

Troubadour is the third studio album released by K'naan. The features some guest artists like Chubb Rock, Damian Marley, Adam Levine, Kirk Hammett, Mos Def, and Chali 2na. Singles include Bang Bang featuring Adam Levine, ABC's featuring Chubb Rock, Dreamer, If Rap Gets Jealous which features Metallica member Kirk Hammett, Wavin' Flag, and Take a Minute.

Track ListingEdit

  1. "T.I.A."
  2. "ABC's" (featuring Chubb Rock)
  3. "Dreamer"
  4. "I Came Prepared" (featuring Damian Marley)
  5. "Bang Bang" (featuring Adam Levine of Maroon 5)
  6. "If Rap Gets Jealous" (featuring Kirk Hammett of Metallica)
  7. "Wavin' Flag"
  8. "Somalia"
  9. "America" (featuring Mos Def and Chali 2na)
  10. "Fatima"
  11. "Fire in Freetown"
  12. "Take a Minute"
  13. "15 Minutes Away"
  14. "People Like Me"
  15. "Does It Matter?"
  16. "Biscuit"
  17. "Take a Minute" [Extended Cut]

Other SongsEdit

  • Somalia
  • Take a Minute
  • Wavin' Flag
  • Does It Matter ?

Guest Artists/GroupsEdit