UN Watch

non-governmental organization

UN Watch is a non-governmental organization from Geneva, Switzerland. It watches for the work of the United Nations.[2] It has a place to watch in the UN Economic and Social Council and the UN Department of Public Information.[6]

United Nations Watch
Motto"Monitoring the United Nations, Promoting Human Rights"[1]
TypeNon-governmental organization[2]
FieldsUnited Nations,[2] Human rights[2] and fight against antisemitism[3]
Key people
Alfred H. Moses, The biggest chief;[2]
Per Ahlmark, David A. Harris, Big chiefs;[2]
Hillel Neuer, Chief[4]
Morris B. Abram, The one who made UN Watch[5]

UN Watch has been fighting against human rights troubles in Democratic Republic of the Congo[7][8] and Darfur.[9] It speaks in the United Nations Human Rights Council on human rights troubles in China, Cuba, Russia, Venezuela, and other countries.[10][11][12] It is against antisemitism.[13][14]

Kofi Annan spoke well of UN Watch.[15][16] Agence France-Presse said that UN Watch is a friend of Israel and it fights for human rights worldwide.[17]


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