United National Independence Party

Zambian political party (Founded in 1959; sole legal party 1972-1990.)

The United National Independence Party (UNIP) is a political party in Zambia. It governed the country from 1964 to 1991. This was under President Kenneth Kaunda. It was the only party allowed to exist in Zambia between 1973 and 1991. The party was founded in October 1959 after the Zambian African National Congress (ZANC) was banned. It was first led by Mainza Chona, because Kaunda, who was leader of the ZANC, had been imprisoned. Kaunda became the party's leader when he was released in January 1960.[1]

United National
Independence Party
LeaderTrevor Mwamba
FounderMainza Chona
FoundedOctober 1959 (October 1959)
Preceded byZambian African National Congress
IdeologyAfrican socialism
African nationalism
Political positionLeft-wing
National Assembly
0 / 157
Pan African Parliament
0 / 5
Party flag


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