University College, Oxford

Constituent College of Oxford University

University College is one of the colleges of Oxford University. The full name of University College is "The Masters and Fellows of the Great Hall of the University of Oxford". It is commonly called simply "The Univ".[1]

The Logic Lane Bridge at University College Oxford

According to legend, the college was founded by Alfred the Great in 872. Most historians agree, however, that the college originated in 1249 from a bequest by William of Durham. The college claims to be the oldest at Oxford.[2] Balliol College and Merton College also claim to be the oldest college in Oxford.

The current buildings of the college were begun in the 17th Century.

Famous former students include British Prime Ministers Clement Attlee and Harold Wilson, American President Bill Clinton, Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke, authors Percy Bysshe Shelley, C.S. Lewis, and V. S. Naipaul, and physicist Stephen Hawking.

In 1979 The Univ started letting female undergraduate students study there.

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