Unnax is a financial technology platform that provides Banking as a Service (Baas).[1][2] It provides applications to quickly, economically, and safely connect banks and companies.[3]

IndustryFintech, Banking as a Service(BaaS)
FounderJordi Perez Roselló and Julián Díaz-Santos Hernández


The company was founded by Jordi Perez Roselló and Julián Díaz-Santos Hernández in 2015 at Spain.[3][4][5] Unnax received 1.5 million euros of financing with the help of Swanlaab Venture Factory in 2017.[6]


The multi-product platform offers payment solutions and money movements, financial data and tools for risk measurement, as well as products for the management of customer validation processes, identity verification instruments, fraud prevention, etc.[1][7]


Digital sales platforms uses Unnax money movement services to solve payment management among their users. Unnax offers services to the customers of sectors such as  financial institutions, financial technology companies, lenders, e-commerce,etc.[1]

The company helped Experian, a global information service company, to develop Experian Bank Reader, a service that allows to capture banking information online and verify the identity of the client.[7][8][9][10][11]


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