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Jeyakumar Henry
Born1952 (age 67–68)
Alma materUniversity of Bombay
London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
Known forHenry Equations
Scientific career
FieldsNutrition and Food Technology
InstitutionsClinical Nutrition Research Centre, Singapore
InfluencesProf. John Waterlow

Christani Jeyakumar Henry (born 1952) is a British Nutritionist, Food Scientist. He is the Director of Clinical Nutrition Research Centre (CNRC), Singapore and Professor, Dept of Biochemistry, National University of Singapore. He is the current Deputy Executive Director of Singapore Institute for Clinical Sciences (SICS), A*STAR.


Henry was educated in the University of Bombay, where he graduated in 1977 with first class degree in Food Technology. He then further pursued an MSc and Ph.D in Human Nutrition  from London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM).  


Henry's work on energy regulation and metabolism, protein metabolism and body composition has enabled him to develop a new model of energy regulation. His work on energy metabolism culminated in the development of the “Henry equations” to predict Basal metabolic rate.

Henry Equations

Introduction of Food Fortification for Refugees (1990)Edit

During an outbreak of pellagra in Mozambique from February to October 1990, Henry explore how he could help eradicate and contain the pellagra epidemic. Given that refugees are fed a very narrow range of foods (ie. a cereal, a legume, oil and sugar) he struck upon the idea of using food fortification of refugees’ rations to combat pellagra.[1] He devised a food fortification plant commissioned in Malawi that was used to provide the refugees adequate nutrients in their diet. This technique was used for the first time within a refugee camp.

Improving Refugee NutritionEdit

Working in close collaboration with Prof. Barbara Harrell-Bond, from the refugee study center, University Oxford, Henry initiated teaching and research on refugees’ nutrition. He co-organized a conference on refugee nutrition and continued to run a short course on nutrition for humanitarian aid at the University Oxford between 1995 till 2006.

Activities in International Nutrition (2000-present)Edit

In 2000-2001, he was seconded to UNICEF New York (Dr. Roger Shrimpton), Beijing (Dr. Ray Yip) and Delhi (Dr Deepak Srinivastava) to undertake a comparative study on the use of low cost local food ingredients to develop weaning foods.

Clinical Nutrition Research Centre (2011-present)Edit

In 2011, Henry setup the Clinical Nutrition Research Centre in Singapore[2].

He has served on several committees including the most recent International Obesity Consortium with TUFTS University (Boston), UK Food Standards Agency and member of the general Advisory Committee on Science of the Food standard agency (UK). He was the Editor-in-Chief of the Advances in Food and Nutrition until 2016. Editorial Board Member of the Nutrition Today and Scientific Director, ILSI-SEA, International Life Science Institute South East Asia.


Jeyakumar Henry’s work has received numerous awards including the British Nutrition Foundation prize for his contribution to Nutrition, Fellow of the International Academy of Food Science and Technology in 2012. He received the Rank Prize Funds Lecture Award in 2010.

He is the Founding Director of Functional Food Centre in Oxford, and the recipient of the Most Inspiring Mentor Award, from A*STAR, Singapore in 2017[3].

He has published over 270 papers and edited 8 books. Henry has presented at over 380 international conferences.


He is a regular featured commentator on food & nutrition in both print and television media. He is also been the scientific commentator on the TV program Food Files hosted by NatGEO channel (National Geographic’s).[4]

He has been involved in two-12 part TV program called the Food Detectives along with Nikki Miller.[5]


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