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Hello and welcome to my user page. You can find its subpages here. WIP means "Work in progress" and I use pages with that name for drafts.

I'm Bizarre Bizarre and I'm non-binary transgender. Right now, I'm a student, but I hope to become a musician later. I'm autistic and bisexual. You can learn more about me if you look at the boxes on this page. I will make edits about my special interests. They are mostly music artists. My favourite genre is pop music, but I also listen to other stuff like Björk or Kanye West. "Bizarre Bizarre", my username, comes from the title of a song from the Dieter: Der Film soundtrack. My signature is a tribute to Modern Talking. As you can probably guess, I'm a huge Dieter Bohlen fan. I'm also very interested in fashion, so I will probably make edits about it too.

Another big special interest of mine is Germany and its culture, so I will also make edits about it and its artists, history, and other topics. I can speak German very well, so I will probably translate content from Wikipedia in German to Wikipedia in English (and Simple English). I don't think it'll happen very often, but it's possible that I also will make edits about political and social issues.