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I don't have time for your newfangled flow talk and visual editors, kid. Back in my day we hitched it hardcore with courier new and wiki markup. Now watch me immediately change my mind about text only userpages by adding user boxes.

Is this what the cool kids do?
This user always assumes good faith.
Face-angel.svgThis user tries to do the right thing. If he makes a mistake, please let him know.
Admin mop question.svg This user acts like an admin, but is not a Wikipedia administrator.
vn-12 This user's talk page has been vandalized 12 times.
Wikipedia:TwinkleThis user reverts vandalism in the blink of an eye with Twinkle!
CVU.svgThis user despises vandalism and reverts it with extreme pride.
SIMPLE WIKIThis user is more active on the Simple English Wikipedia than on another Wikipedia

If i haven't been active in a while feel free to poke me by E-mail.