Hi, fellas. I'm DRC (Dibyojyoti RC). I formerly known as User:TTP1233. Due to unfortunate situation I created in English Wikipedia, I was blocked by User:Operator873 but he gave me a last chance and I am accessing here. I live in West Bengal, India and I'm proud to be an Indian. I have my bad track record in English Wikipedia but I'm sincere now and understand the policies. I'm proud working with Wikipedia.

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NameDRC (formerly TTP1233)
BornBarrackpore, India
Country India
LanguagesBengali, Hindi, English
Time zoneUTC+5:30
Current timeCurrent time for UTC+5:30 is 03:20
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JoinedOctober 2022 (Dec 2020 as TTP1233)
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I'm active except for school hours (10am - 5pm) and self study work (Odd hours).