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Queen of the Ring drifting at The Norfolk Arena in 2013

Hello, welcome to my userpage,

My name's Dave and I live in Strood, Kent, UK

I joined in October 2013 but started editing full time between 2017—2018 and from 2023—onwards with small edits here and there being made from 2013—2022

I mostly edit articles relating to Buses, Cars, Trains, Towns & Cities, Actors, Actresses, TV Programmes and Films.

I've made over 10,000 edits(as of 07 May 2024),

I'm also a Rollbacker and Patroller

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Peugeot Boxer (Redirected instead)
Vauxhall Zafira (Redirected instead)
Citroën Berlingo (Didn't create however did major rewrite)
Peugeot J 7 (Created not realising Peugeot J7 already existed)
Nu-Venture (Self-nominated - Deleted at EN in 2021 so kinda made sense to delete here too given we generally follow the rule of "If it's deleted at EN, It's deleted here too")

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