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After much thought about returning to Simple, I found that it's the right thing to do. Very soon after I "retired," many new users (or at least users I've never seen before) began editing and commenting in discussions. This made me regret my decision from the start. For those who don't know, I left because of all the drama and the lack of editors. I don't deny I was part of the problem.
In short, I thought this project was lost and a waste of time. Shortly after I left, Fr33kman e-mailed me asking me not to leave. Still pretty frustrated over the matter, I replied, pretty much saying "this project is lost and a waste of time" right in his face. That I really regret. Please accept my deepest apologizes.
I'm back for now and will keep out of people's way and try my best not to contribute to the drama that may pop up with my biased fist, but rather solve the issue with common sense.

All the best, ƏviŁŁyGøødcontributions 01:48, 18 January 2012 (UTC)




--X!'s edit counter
--Readability tool
--Pywikipediabot guide for Mac


--Rid the red links!
--Get Chiodos to GA status -- long term ;)