User:Examknow/How to be a good wikipedian

I have written this page to help out all users with how to be a good user on the Simple English Wikipedia. I have written it with tips that I have found helped me in my editing on Wikipedia. This page is still a draft and I will expand to it over time. Please do not edit this page instead tell me what I should change on my talk page.

1. Assume good faith. But not too much. While I could not agree more on the assume good faith policy on Wikipedia, I think that there is a limit to how much good faith you can assume. For example if an ip user's first few edits are gibberish than they are probably vandals.

2. Have an administrator that you trust to ask about policy and vandalism and other stuff It is key that you have a Wikipedia administrator that you trust to help you out or to turn to about issues with guidelines or to back you up in discussions. Mine for example is Auntof6 as she always seems to know the ropes better than any other user on here.

3. Don't edit other people's user pages Unless the user specifically gives you permission to edit their page, then keep your paws off of their user page. A lot of people are okay with it but others (myself included) do not like it when you mess with their page.

4. When in doubt don't revert This kind of goes with assume good faith but it is important so I wanted to make it it's own point: if something looks like it might be vandalism or could be unhelpful but you are not sure, either talk to the user who made the edit or contact the administrator of your choice like said in #2. Do not revert the edit or roll it back as it might make the editor angry.