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Hello and welcome to my userpage on Simple English Wikipedia! My name is fr33kman and I'm an administrator, and a current checkuser here, and a former bureaucrat, oversighter. I am also a former steward and a former global sysop for the community globally. If you need any help or advice please do not hesitate to contact me on my talk page or email me if you would prefer privacy. Personally, I think this project is one of the most important of all Wikimedia Foundation projects because it provides readers with a place where things that can be found at English Wikipedia can be found but in a much easier to read and understand format. This means that the average lay person can use this encyclopedia and learn new things without having to pull out a dictionary every couple of sentences or so.

I do a lot of administator type stuff mostly but I edit the main encyclopedia all the time. Most of my edits are small edits that I make as I'm reading the project's articles (yes, I read Wikipedia all the time). I will also help people edit pages if they ask me nicely or if I'm an expert in a particular topic (mainly medicine or common law). If Wikipedia is getting to be too much for you, I will consider self blocks.

Note: To the person who keeps trying to crack my password, ... GIVE UP! It's too long, too random, made up of many characters and special characters, it is not saved anywhere or on any password app, and exists only in my mind and the muscle memory of my hands. It would take a supercomputer millions of years to hack. It is also unique to Wikipedia. I also have 2FA installed. Sending me emails is far more annoying. :-)

If you can't think of, or find, a DYK hook, feel free to take one of these. No credit required. If you are having a hard time finding hooks, go to here and click on What links here and then go into the history a dozen pages. Since hooks must be cited, it's a good place to find them.

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