Simplified Quantum Particle TheoryEdit

Prof. Gen. Markus Maximus is regarded as the inherent iconoclastic absolute; begrudgingly, the idealized conceptualization of cubic time. The chronological infrastructure of his non-sequitur genre[source?] tend towards inverse polarity. Crystallization of obfuscated and, primary obscure, though oft held as contradictory and paradoxical, are the epitome of finite grandeur. Liquefaction of sociological norms is observed reprehensibly throughout the top tiers of historical dichotomy.

Ascension to Aimless Altitudes and Alteration AboundEdit

Delusional universal constants[source?]

Abrasive and unusually vitriolic, the basis of his taxidermy finds its ends in what can most turbulently be described, or at least insinuated with, the ever melding tendencies of the conformists' lexicon. Veracity equaling or surpassing that of an arthropod's independent reticulizations.

Historical Jeopardizations Indicating Interplanetary Communications RendersEdit

  • Deductive recombining of molecular substructures
  • Layered olfactoral mechanics[source?]
  • Hardwired technicalities of uninitiated dissenters

Controversy Suggestive of MisogynismEdit

Subsequent acceleratory propulsion and pseudo-conjecture.

Dissociative colossi unfailingly patronize average canines. However, reexamining the quintessential boundlessness and randomization of cauldron-bound broom-jockies (yes, witches).

Hindrance AxiomEdit

Haplessly absorbing Genesis chapters 1-3. A formative approach disregarding the restrictions of tradition indicates a complimentary correlation. 1=1, 0=2, -1=5.5[source?], et cetera, until the bounds of graphite have worn to the point of invalidity. Worship to unworthy deities, string theory for example, can tend to cite unneeded diction. Haphazard application of liberal legislation often is apparent in decidedly unruly jurisdictions (North, South and central are of rhetorical significance).

Declaration of AwesomenessEdit

In the summer of 2007, Professor Mark authored the Declaration of Awesomeness, a definitive list of all things awesome. Anything that does not make the list is presumed lame.