Mathyas Louis Habte-Michael (Born & Raised in Stockton California on september 25th), known professionally as King Hustle (sometimes shortened to King and or Hustle also Known as King Hustlassie), is an African American rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer and actor. His music career began in high school at Bear Creek High School when he performed for an MTV event when his first group "Criminal Minded" performed Live on stage in front of his school & every since then King Hustle has been Rockin Mic's & Movin Crowds. King Hustle, then known as Lou-Dog, knew that was his calling and he's been Rappin every since. King Hu$tle is the originator of Hustle Hop. Hustle Hop is a musical form that expresses the thoughts and experiences of a hustler, a mix between Gangster Rap, Hip Hop & Trap Music. He's an innovative artist; a bonafide hustler that stays true to his form. King Hustle started his Hustlers Paradise debut Street album Project back in 2007... didn't get to market/promote/release it back then because King Hustle was charged and sentenced to 5yrs on a possession of Marijuana for sales charge and a variety of other charges that were ran concurrent, when his trap house in Phoenix az, got raided.. released February 3rd 2012 the project was relaunched, then completed in 2013! King Hustle via Hustle or Nothing Entertainment is currently promoting & marketing the project! "Hustlers Paradise Vol.1" has finally been released worldwide and is getting great reviews and feedback from his Facebook, instagram, Reverbnation, Twitter, Snapchat followers, fans, friends and the general public. Now the world can experience Hustle Hop in it's rawest form from the originator himself. The album has a variety of songs. There's tracks on this album for everyone... you're gauranteed to find one you will like!!! King Hustle's- Hustlers Paradise Vol.1 is a classic Street Album. It doesnt get any better than this! King Hustle considers himself a Hustler/Business man with a gift to rhyme. King learned his game in the streets and has taken his hustlers mentality & experiences, & has began building his own empire; cutting out the middle man by forming Hustle or Nothing Entertainment to distribute his music independently. He lives, breathes, and bleeds what he raps about. King Hu$tle is the truth. His formula: "I'll sleep when I'm dead" it's Hustle or Nothing, not hustle for nothing! Since King returned home from his five year bid in 2012 he has been on a mission to secure his position as an elite artist in the world of hip hop. Hustlers Paradise Vol. 1 is King's debut street album, which includes the hit single "Fame and Fortune" which was featured on Coast 2 Coast's Indie Top 50 Vol. 124. ( and "Money Power Respect" which was featured on Coast 2 Coast's Indie Top 50 Vol. 482 ( Hustlers Paradise Vol. 1 includes a variety of songs that the streets will embrace, making this an excellent street album. King Hustle has sold thousands of copies out of his trunk, and the movement hasn't stopped there ( King Hustle's vision of globally expanding his brand and this Hustle Or Nothing Movement is under way. He is independently distributing Hustlers Paradise Vol. 1 worldwide via online stores (iTunes, Amazon, Google Play Music) through Hustle Or Nothing Entertainment. This vision includes Hustle Or Nothing Clothing, an urban clothing line developed by him and his team. (