I would love to expand simple wikipedia to over 100 000 + articles. I usually edit pages about Nature; Food; Heroine Sleuths; Television Stars; Famous Pop Art Artists.; Television Stars (did I mention that already); The Beckhams; Icelandic Singers, Alcholic Drinks; Cities; Traffic Signals; Computers and their Brands; Templates; KidRobot Toys; Revolutions; Graffiti Artists; French Singers; Beautiful people; Cosmetics Lines; Kids Shows; British Singers; Cigarettes. I would like to create an article about Bjork (I finished it), among others. I am an enviromentalist, and I plan only to ride my bike. I am also a buddhist and a vegan. Probably I am the opposite of a toxicologist, but if you knew my philosophy, you wouldn't say so. I am a member of PETA. I like television, cooking, reading, and more. Accomplishments? I invented the duck duck goose spin-off Winehouse, Winehouse, ALLEN!

"I prefer the cuban sandwich" --Meg White

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