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MrMeAndMrMe(also referred to as Munchkin 2 or CitrusSulfate, occasionally shortened to MrMe) is a user at the Simple Wikipedia. He hopes to make the Simple Wiki a better place in general. He works on many areas of this Wikipedia. If he makes a mistake(which he does often), please inform him in his talk page. He tries to learn from his mistakes, but he may not be clear what exactly the rules or goals of the Wiki are.

States and provinces I've lived in or traveled to:

ArizonaColoradoIdahoIllinoisIndianaManitobaMinnesotaMontanaNew Jersey New York (state) North DakotaOhioPennsylvaniaSouth Dakota WashingtonWisconsinWyoming

Active Wikimedia usersEdit


MrMeAndMrMe enjoys working on a great number of topics in the Simple English Wikipedia. At any time, he is most likely to be working on one of the following projects:

  • Years — one of MrMeAndMrMe's biggest goals is to have an article for every year from the years 599 BC to 2022. He manages and maintains WikiProject Years
  • Reverting vandalism — MrMeAndMrMe can be regularly seen browsing the recent changes, reverting vandalism and false information that he spots.
  • DYK — MrMeAndMrMe has recently taken a liking to submitting DYK articles. Currently he doesn't have any DYK hooks that have been published, but there are many on the way.
  • Rescuing articles — when an article has been sent for RfD or QD, MrMeAndMrMe will occasionally expand and make it a full-on article
  • Phonetics — MrMeAndMrMe first became interested in phonetics when he attempted to make his own language, a project that is long-dead, but perhaps will be revived one day. He still enjoys studying it and learning about all of the sounds that you can make. MrMeAndMrMe hopes to create all of the phonetics pages on the SimpleWiki someday.
  • Math — MrMeAndMrMe enjoys translating articles concerning mathematics and its areas.
  • Good articles — MrMeAndMrMe has plans in the future to work on potential good articles in this wiki.
  • Species — MrMeAndMrMe plans on making ten Good Articles that are relating to frogs. He also enjoys making articles about moths.
  • North Dakota — Though this is his least-active interest, he will be seen occasionally making and improving articles in or relating to the state.

Active ProjectsEdit


Tireless Contributor Barnstar Hires.gif The Tireless Contributor Barnstar
For your tireless work here from DYKs, QDs, fixing/creating articles and overall keeping Simple English Wikipedia in good shape! Keep up the good work. 15:23, 25 March 2022 (UTC)

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