This user does not change the Simple English Wikipedia much anymore as of April 21, 2022.

Heated discussions, the lack of motivation and stubby articles all throw me off from editing the Simple English Wikipedia. My only edits here will be in discussions, doing simple copyedits and reverting vandalism. Special:Diff/8375611 confirms that I'm not the only one who feels that way – until simplewiki becomes a friendlier place to edit, I've practically retired from this wiki.

You're more likely to find me on the English Wikivoyage or the English Wikibooks where I'm an admin and one of the site's most active contributors.

simple.wikipedia's obsession with copying content from en.wikipedia

This subheading might be harsh, but personally I believe that is why simple has yet to reach its potential and one of the main reason I've left this site. Not only does cribbing content defeat the purpose of having simple.wikipedia, if simple.wikipedia is just going to twin everything from its larger sibling, then why can't readers just read the same, original content, more likely to be up-to-date, on the English Wikipedia? I'm not talking about templates or policy pages, I'm talking about actual articles in mainspace.

Copying content word-for-word also causes search engine optimization issues. What will happen is simple.wikipedia will be penalized on Google and other search engines, eventually losing readers. It is for this reason why I stopped making major edits on simple.wikipedia – if the content I add isn't going to be read, why bother adding it in the first place?