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If you are like me, you may be wondering how to change this Wikipedia in a way that is considered helpful. This page will give advice on how to be a good editor on Wikipedia. The advice will include some ways to change the encyclopedia, along with ways to stay out of trouble.

Good things to do


There are many ways to help change Wikipedia. The main things to do are content creation, cleanup work, and counter-vandalism.

  • Content creation is exactly what it sounds like. Content creators do things such as create new articles, and add large amounts of information to existing articles. Content creators are essential for Wikipedia to function.
  • Cleanup work is things like adding stub tags to articles. Other cleanup work includes fixing technical errors, fixing typos, and generally making pages look better.
  • Counter-vandalism is reverting vandalism and warning the editors who vandalize.

Wikipedians like editors who are good at editing in all three areas. However, it is also sometimes good if an editor is really good at one area, and doesn’t do much in the others. A good administrator is very good at editing in all three areas. Content creation and cleanup work are the easiest for new editors to do.

Where can an editor get help if they need it?


There are many places an editor can get help with something on Wikipedia. The Simple Talk page is a good area where you can ask questions. Questions asked there will usually get a response within an hour. Editors can also ask individual people for help. SithJarJar666, ImprovedWikiImprovment, and Naleksuh are good, experienced editors who know a lot about Wikipedia.