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Universal law of gravitationEdit

The universal law of gravitation states that the force of gravitation is directly proportional to the product of masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them.

Mathematical Derivation of Universal Law of GravitationEdit


  = Gravitational force
  = Universal Gravitational Constant ( )
  = Masses of the bodies
  = Seperation of the bodies.

therefore according to the law,



Gravity exerted by earth on moonEdit

Mass of earth =  
Mass of moon =  
Seperation =  

According to the law,





Mathematical Numericals of soundEdit

A stone was dropped from a tower 500m high into a pond at the base of tower. When is the splash heard at top? take g = 10ms-2 and vs = 340ms-1Edit

Time taken by stone to reach pond = t'






Time taken by sound to reach the person = t





Therefore total time taken