Directed bySam Hurwitz
Produced bySam Hurwitz, Gina Tucker-Richardson
Written bySam Hurwitz
StarringRose Cordova, Patrick Downey, John Nicholson, Tony Sago, Erica Santifer, Suzanne Shea Reed, Rico Simonini, Amber Vanloon
CinematographySam Hurwitz
Dirty Little Films, Inc.
Running time
74 mins

8 Broken HeartsEdit

8 Broken Hearts is a documentary film by director Sam Hurwitz about eight individual men and women sharing their personal stories about their childhood upbringing, family tragedies and their struggles to overcome difficult beginnings.

Critical Response   Edit

In a review for Thatmomentin.com, David Duprey wrote: “8 Broken Hearts says what it is right in the title. It’s an unusual film in that it is simply eight confessions with no bells or whistles; eight stories of truth that tap into a larger singular chronicle of humanity. I think that is what Hurwitz is after: to let these people be the voice of many others, for no doubt, myself included, some of these will be close to us all.”   [1]

Romy Somerset from Battleroyalewithcheese.com says: “Although it is sad, and some of the stories might have you welling up, it is also a very hopeful portrayal of the strength of the human soul. It can withstand pretty much anything life throws at us, and this is comforting to see. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys hearing other people’s stories, their trials and tribulations, and how they dealt with these hardships. It’s simple, beautiful and brave."   [2]

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