Viktor, UBC, 2016-06-25
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Viktor, Lulu Is., 2014-06-20
Pink Cotton Candy

Heinz 57

Let me introduce myself. My name is Viktor Nonong Medrano. I like astronomy and science fiction, as I like shows like Star Trek and Japanese anime. I have read a lot of books in this genre. I like constructed languages, and I make them myself. I am a hobbyist of Lojban, Esperanto, and Interlingua. I tend towards Science, Buddhism, and Animism. I was born in the Philippines, lived in Japan for a while, and now live in Canada. I am a Heinz 57, being very multiracial. I am a xenophile, as I love strange cultures and languages of strange lands.

My interests span the years. I have been learning about astronomy since I was a child. My dream occupation has been to become an Astrobiologist or Exobiologist, studying life beyond this Earth. My real occupation has been as a Software Writer, as I learned about different artificial languages to manipulate computers. The body is hardware, and the mind is software.

I have varied favourite foods. My favourite ice cream flavours are Tiger Tail, Japanese Black Sesame, Italian Spumoni, Mint, and Philippine Purple Yam. Of fruits, I adore young coconut meat and the tropical rose apple, which is not an apple at all. I like practically all seafood. I like Kaya jam and Bandung rose milk from Southeast Asia. I like varied jelly food, like nata de coco, Jell-O, agar-agar, grass jelly, sago, tapioca, konnyaku, jellyfish, tōfu, Aloe vera, mung bean jelly, gummy cola bottles, almond jelly, lokum, water chestnut cake, sea cucumber, mushroom, longan, lychee, rambutan, et cetera.

I like many anime shows from Japan. Some of my really creative favourites include Vampire Knight, Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet, No. 6, Mushi-Shi, Naruto Shippūden, Kemono no Sōja Erin, Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit, The Mystic Archives of Dantalian, Galaxy Express 999, Xam'd: Lost Memories, Fate/Zero, Level E, La storia della Arcana Famiglia, Polar Bear Cafe, Yumeiro Pâtissière, Gintama, Maoyū Maō Yūsha, Aoi Hana, Nokto de la Galaksia Fervojo, Mononoke, Shelter, Akira, Sirius the Jaeger, Violet Evergarden, Attack on Titan, Carole & Tuesday, et cetera.

News items I follow are about space exploration. I like knowing about the new data including pictures from robot probes in outer space and from crewed flights, even better. I marvel over the turbulent cloud storms over Jupiter. The glimmering icy mountains on Pluto's landscape astonish me. The dunes near methane lakes and rivers on Titan bewilder me. As stars and planets are countless as the sand grains on a beach, I opine that it is mathematically improbable that only the Earth would shelter life. May the Force be with you!

Pink Jelly Mooncake with Red Bean Paste
Bandung Rose Milk
English as Official Language
Romance Language World

Some Bits about Buddhism

Theravāda is the prevailing branch of Buddhism in places like Thailand. It relies a lot on chanting in Pāḷi and learning the Pāḷi Canon, the Tipiṭaka (The Three Baskets). Zen and Amidism are of the Mahāyāna branch of Buddhism. All Buddhists practice meditation.

Zen Buddhism is the sect of Buddhism which has been really well-known in the West. Zen tries to be non-logocentric, as it steers away from words. Riddles called kōan are used to break rationality. Simplicity is key, as Zen absorbed from Dào (Taoism) in ancient history.

Some people are seeking a universe without drudgery. In the sect of Pure Land Buddhism, or Amidism, adherents believe in a universe called Pure Land, where there is no sickness or suffering and where one could attain Enlightenment much easier. In our universe, one would repeat the name of Amida Buddha, so as to attain Pure Land when one dies. Amida Buddha is different from the historical Gautama Buddha, who is different again from Maitreya Buddha, the buddha of the future.

A Tagalog Vignette

Kuwento sa Ibáng Planeta: Sa malayong planeta, may dalawáng araw sa bugháw na langit, si Malakás at si Magandá. Nagtanóng ang isáng anák sa kanyáng iná, "Nanay, bakit may dalawáng araw sa langit?" Sabi ng iná, "O, anóng klaseng tanóng iyán? Ilán ang matá mo? Dalawá. Ilán ang kamáy mo? Dalawá." Sumagót ang anák, "Pero, nanay, isá lamang hô ang ilóng ko..."

(A Story on Another Planet: On a faraway planet, there are two suns in the blue sky, Strong and Beauteous. A child asketh the mother, "Dearest mother, why are there two suns in the sky?" Saith the mother, "Oh, what kind of question is that? How many eyes hast thou? 'Tis two. How many hands hast thou? 'Tis two." The child respondeth, "But, mother, I have but one nose...")

Si Malakás at si Magandá (Strong and Beauteous)
Favourite Words

About my conlang Vling, maybe I just like the word 'bog'. My other favourite English words are 'whirligig', 'tumbleweed', 'serendipity', 'gargoyle', 'jelly', 'storm', 'ambiance', 'steampunk', 'logogram', 'gazebo', and 'thistle'. The song "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da" by The Beatles partly inspired my creation of the conlang Vling. I would ask: What can we Vling? When we die, what can we bring? We certainly cannot bring our big postmodern castle in the Yucatán.

Amongst conlangs in general, I would really prefer something like my Xoqolat, which is still a prototype. It is a Lojbanic Latinate language, which should really have omnipredicativity like Classical Nahuatl (Aztec) of Mexico. It means that any noun or verb in the language is, in fact, a full predicative sentence, such as "Xōchitl" (It is a flower) or "Xocolātl" (It is chocolate) in Classical Nahuatl. (Lojban is somewhat like Classical Nahuatl in this way.) My Xoqolat alludes to the movie Chocolat starring Juliette Binoche and Johnny Depp. (The Spanish word chocolatería is a favourite. One pronounces the 'X' in 'Xoqolat' like the 'sh' in 'shy'.) Chavacano, Philippine Spanish Creole, may interestingly relate to the Xoqolat paradigm.


People have variety. My preferred model of anthropology has four subspecies of the human species: Mongoloid (variants Sundadont, Sinodont, and Super-Sinodont), Caucasoid (variants Nordic and Mediterranean), Negroid (variants Congoid and Capoid), and Australoid (variants Veddoid, Negrito, Papuan, Melanesian, Aborigine).

Mixing amongst the human subspecies Mongoloids, Caucasoids, Negroids, and Australoids is quite common.

ABBA's "Bang-A-Boomerang" is an apt song for my interest in the languages and cultures of indigenous peoples around this globe. I collect research documents about Amerindian, Eskimo, Pacific, Australian Aboriginal, African, and Asian languages and cultures.

Cultural Syncretism in Mexican Toys

Science-dominated, I am Dharmic-Animistic. I am Dharmic, not Abrahamic. Syncretism is my religious inclination.

In my studies of religiology, I have encountered Roman Catholicism, Baptist, Pentecostal, Zen Buddhism, Dào, Theravāda Buddhism, Pure Land Buddhism, Jehovah's Witness, Hinduism, Shintō, Voodoo, Mormonism, Ancient Egyptian, Jainism, Islam, Judaism, Hawaiian Animism, Amerindian Animism, Australian Animism, African Animism, Philippine Animism, Inuit Animism, and Urantia.

Language Spirit

A language having a spirit is a notion amongst Animists like Japanese and Eskimos. I do notice that a person engulfed in the world of the English language has a similar worldview of other English-speakers.

I watch various Star Trek series and other sci-fi in dubbed Spanish, as well as various anime in Japanese, not for learning conversation, but as forms of art appreciation and meditation.

I listen to music in other languages. I listen to Zouk music in Caribbean Kreyòl and French. I update myself on the current Tagalog music videos. I listen to traditional and contemporary Mexican and other Latino music. I listen to J-Pop from Japan. I watch music videos of Swahili Taarab. I listen to Classical, Techno, World Music, House, and Afrofuturism.

Eskimo Chessmen