enThis user is a native speaker of the English language.
fr-1 Cette personne peut contribuer avec un niveau élémentaire de français.
This person can help out a little bit on Simple English.

Articles I am interested in...


Computer Games:

  • Current Generation
  • History


  • History


  • Language
  • Religions, Mythology


  • Culture
  • Language


  • Algebra
  • General Mathematics


  • Artists


  • What causes sexuality?

I also try to look through pages, reading, to make sure bias isn't shown (at least i try to!).



I'm only 16, so please be nice ^_^, i am happy to have constructive critism, and always apologise when I've made an error, especially when it's a simple one.

I would like to learn Japanese with tutoring, currently i only have my own will power, but with School it is very difficult, however i could probably hold a simple oral conversation.

Currently I am taking 5 A-level Courses: Chemistry, Ethics and Philosophy, Further Mathematics, General Studies and Mathematics.

I am a Christian, I do not segregate myself into a denomination, as i don't believe that religion should be split. I do not force my opinion onto other people, and will try to only respond to an argument, rather than start one.

I live in England, therefore i am English, not British! I also speak English, rather than American-English, although i am aware that some things i have learnt are in fact American-English as well! So I check everything i write as much as possible.

The only difference that particularly annoys me is the spelling of Colour (i.e. Color) and the pronounciation of the word Status.

I also have a tendency to keep lists in Alphabetical order whenever possible.

Anything else can be directed to my own [talk page]