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My Articles change

Here is a list of the articles that I made, or worked very hard on, along with my own personal notes, just for youuu :D

The articles I make little changes on, or fix vandalism for, are not here, and can be looked for on my contributions page.


  • Noise (music) - My first article! Still need some work, I will probably return to it soon :)
  • Ice cube - My first article copypaste, along with my own little renovations! Doesn't it look glamorous?
  • Shake - I made this article because it is one of the verbs included in basic english. I will probably do more of these soon, since it is good to have an article for all the BE words!
  • MicroSD - This one was from Chemicalinterest's request list, I will probably work from there a bit more in the future.
  • Auto mechanic - This one is from the official Requested Article page. I picked it cause it started with the letter A :)
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