VAUVISION (Russian: Ваувижн) is a Russian record label founded in 2018 in Moscow and engaged in the distribution of music, and artist management.[1][2][3]

Founded 2018
Founder Vladimir Vanin
Status Active
Distributing label Zvonko Digital
Genre Rap, pop music, hip hop, dance music, rock music
Country of origin  Russia
Location Moscow, Russia
Official website


History and activitiesEdit

The company was founded in July 2018 in Moscow by Vladimir Vanin.[4][5] By 2023, over 5,000 artists have released tracks through the label, including: remember, CROSS, KURT92, White Punk, lowlife.[6]

Total catalog of label tracks in 2023 exceeded 30,000 tracks year.[7][8][9]

Label ArtistsEdit

At the moment, the only signer of the label is the Chita artist "BANDIKUT". In 2021-2022 the artist on the music label was "remember.".[10][11]

At the end of 2021 he released an album «Background».[12] The singles «Кожура» and «Я всё решу» took first place in the charts (VK, Spotify and other sites).[13][14] This album brought the artist and label a platinum certification.

For a long time the label's signatories were the artists "CREST" and "lowlife", but in 2022 their the collaboration with the label ended.[15][16]


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