studio album by Thrice

Vheissu is an album by experimental band Thrice. It was released in 2005. The album introduced a new sound to the bands post-hardcore roots. It also used many new elements from music boxes to chain gangs and has much softer, dreamy songs such as "Atlantic"

Studio album by
ReleasedUK October 17, 2005
US October 18, 2005
RecordedApril - June 2005
StudioBearTracks, Suffern, New York
GenreExperimental rock, post-hardcore
ProducerSteve Osborne
Thrice chronology
The Artist in the Ambulance
Singles from Vheissu
  1. "Image of the Invisible"
    Released: 2005
  2. "Red Sky"
    Released: 2006

The songs on Vheissu use many biblical themes but Thrice does not think of themselves as a Christian band. Some of the statements from the album which are clearly from the bible include:

  • There's no greater love, then that one shed his blood for his friends - from "For Miles"
  • We were all lost, and now we're found - from "Image of the Invisible"
  • Once again the bread and wine - from "From Moths to Flame"

The album artwork was created by author Dave Eggers and artist Brian McMullen. It includes pictures of various things and quotes lyrics from different Thrice songs found on the album.


  1. "Image of the Invisible"
  2. "Between the End and Where We Lie"
  3. "The Earth will Shake"
  4. "Atlantic"
  5. "For Miles"
  6. "Hold Fast Hope"
  7. "Music Box"
  8. "Like Moths to Flame"
  9. "Of Dust and Nations"
  10. "Stand and Feel Your Worth"
  11. "Red Sky"