Vice President of Peru

The Republic of Peru has two Vice Presidents who are elected along with the President in democratic elections.[1] Their only mission is to replace the President in case of death, resignation or removal from office.[2]

First and Second Vice President of
the Republic of Peru
Gran Sello de la República del Perú
Great Seal of the State
Flag of Peru

since 7 December 2022 (First)
and 7 May 2020 (Second)
StyleMr./Madame Vice President
ResidenceGovernment Palace
AppointerDirect popular election
Term lengthFive years, not renewable immediately
Inaugural holderDiego de Aliaga (1823)
SuccessionFirst Vice President
Second Vice President
President of Congress

The Vice Presidents are first in the Presidential line of succession.[3]

Historically, the job only had one Vice President, which was in place between 1829–1831 and 1858–1862. The two Vice Presidential positions of First and Second Vice Presidents have been in place since 1862.

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