Victorian Heritage Register

heritage register of Victoria, Australia

The Victorian Heritage Register is a list of places of cultural heritage important to the State of Victoria, Australia. It has legal powers under the Heritage Act 1995. Heritage Victoria is the government department which is responsible for the register. It protects a wide range of cultural heritage places and objects, including:

  • historic archaeological sites and objects
  • historic buildings, structures and areas
  • gardens, trees and cemeteries
  • cultural landscapes
  • shipwrecks and relics
  • important objects and collections
The Gollin and Company building in Melbourne, listed on the Victorian Heritage Register
Blue plaque on the Ballarat Mining Exchange

Heritage Victoria is part of the Department of Planning and Community Development, a department of the Government of Victoria, Australia. Heritage Victoria reports to the Heritage Council who decide which places and items should be on the register. The Minister for Planning is the responsible Minister for Heritage Victoria and the Heritage Act 1995.

It lists important buildings and other places in Victoria. It gives legal protection to stop listed sites being destroyed or changed. Removing an item from the list can only be done by a government minister.

All places and objects listed on the register are entitled to a blue sign. .[1]

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