Video game music

soundtrack or background music accompanying video games

Video game music is any musical instruments or soundtrack and background music found in video games. It can be from just a synthesizer tune to an orchestral piece. The older a game is, the simpler the music will be. In recent times, many games have had complex soundtracks similar to those of movies.

Interactive soundtracks in a video game is music changing into different sounds, depending on what the player does. It is also common for a video game soundtrack to be sold in stores or performed in concerts.[1] Music is very important to gameplay.

There are many awards for composers who create the music in a video game. Awards available are from the Ivor Novello Awards, Spike Video Game Awards, Grammy Awards, International Film Music Critics Association, Inside Gaming and the MTV Video Music Awards.

Video game music can set the mood of a video game, which can help the player to understand the video game that they're playing.

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