Villa Lario Resort (Mandello-Lierna Lake Como)

5 stars hotel and resort in Lake Como near Lierna

The Villa Lario is a Renaissance patrician residence in Mandello del Lario very near Borgo of Lierna on the shores of Lake Como in northern Italy. Since 2015 the complex has been designated as a 5-star luxury hotel.

Villa Lario
Villa Lario Resort Mandello-Lierna
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Alternative namesVilla Lario Lierna
General information
Architectural styleRenaissance
AddressVia Statale, 125, Mandello del Lario
Town or cityMandello del Lario-Lierna
Cost200.000.000 USD
Other information

Villa Lario has one of the most beautiful views of all Lake Como with a view over the Bellagio promontory and italian and swiss Alpi. The Lario resort is 2 kilometers from the ancient secret village of Lierna and has a heliport, and and docking for boat and seaplanes.

In the hotel there is the Italian Chef Enrico Derflingher (2 Michelin stars), former Chef at the White House for George Bush Senior and at Buckingham palace for the Queen Elizabeth of England and Prince Charles of Wales.[1]


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