Wikipedia:Accuracy dispute

If a Wikipedia article links to this page, it is because someone thinks that the article may be inaccurate. You can notify users of an accuracy dispute by adding {{disputed}} to the article in question.

The accuracy (or correctness) of an article may be a problem if:

  • It has a lot of things that are wrong, a lot of things it does not prove, or are proven by things that are usually wrong.
  • It says things that can not be proven.
  • It has a long list with many wrong things.
  • It was written by someone who writes a lot of wrong things about it.
  • You know it's wrong, and you can prove it.

If you come across a page with an accuracy argument, the best way to solve the problem is to peer review the content, and check whether it's inaccurate. Once you've checked, edit the page to remove the header, and put something like the following in your edit summary:

Verified article -- removed accuracy dispute

Don't remove accuracy disputes simply because the material looks reasonable: please take the time to properly verify it. Please also add to the article any sources you used to verify the information in it.