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The Simple News

Hi all. :) This is my very first article here and I wish to introduce myself. I am from and learnt about this ‘pedia from a userbox at a userpage. I came here on April, but my first edit was on last month to J.K.Rowling. Since then, I have made 1000 changes and am in love with this project

First, I want to talk about DYK. DYK is a part of Simple Wikipedia which I have seen to improve greatly in the short period I have been here. When I came, we had disputes whether we had the man-power to make 3/5-days update. But, I have seen several improvements to it since then and by now, in spite of RyanCross and Juliancolton’s inactivity, we have managed 5 day updates. We now have 5(!) queues, 3 of which are now full. I invite all users to join us in improving it further. :)

Also, P(V)GA needs your help. Just the other day, we received only 4 votes in the PVGA of Ludwig van Beethoven. Also, Wijerd Jelckama which was a PGA was actually a copy-paste from enWP. We must take these things into consideration. We need to work on the rules of PVGA and PGA. We need your help for this. :) List of London Underground stations is a proposed VGL. Please create few red links.

Eptalon is on a break for a holiday. He is a great ‘crat and we need him ASAP since we have only 5 ‘crats. Eptalon is back! :)

Finally, we have 59,736 articles now, just 264 short of 60,000. I hope we can create several more articles and can become a big wiki. We just need all of your help and support for this.

Bye, Pmlinediter  Talk 14:42, 20 June 2009 (UTC).