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The next thing you'll need to know is how to correctly format pages. Although you can use some HTML tags, most people use wiki markup.

The most commonly used wiki tags are bold and italics. Bolding and italicizing are done by surrounding a word or phrase with multiple apostrophes ('):

''italics'' appears as italics. (2 apostrophes on both sides)

'''bold''' appears as bold. (3 apostrophes on both sides)

'''''bolded italics''''' appears as bolded italics. (5 apostrophes on both sides)

Note: You can type multiple quote characters by surrounding them in <pre> or <nowiki> tags.

On Wikipedia we bold the subject of an article when it is first mentioned in the article. We also italicize book, movie and computer/video game titles. If the first mention of the subject of an article is also a book or movie title then bold italics is used.

Headings and subheadings

Headings and subheadings are an easy way to improve the organization of an article. You can break up the article by inserting a heading for each section.

Headings can be created like this:

  • ==Top level heading== (2 equals signs)
  • ===Subheading=== (3 equals signs)
  • ====Another level down==== (4 equals signs)

If an article has at least four headings, a table of contents will automatically be generated. Headings will be added automatically to the table of contents for the page, so long as three others already exist. If you don't want a table of contents for the page, then add __NOTOC__ to the top of your page.