Mr. Twinkly
Mr. Twinkly

Twinkle is a set of JavaScript functions that gives autoconfirmed/confirmed users many extra options to help them in common Wikipedia cleanup tasks, and to help them deal with acts of vandalism. It provides users with three types of rollback functions and includes a full library of quick deletion functions, user warnings and welcomes, maintenance tags, semi-automatic reporting of vandals, and much, much more.

History change

Twinkle was started as a reversion script based on ideas found in Aaron Schulz's script collection on the English Wikipedia. It was developed by AzaToth and released in 2007 originally. It has grown into a tool with many more capabilities than its reversion roots and is used by thousands of Wikipedians across many projects. The tool has expanded over the years. The collection of tools formerly known as Friendly, developed by Ioeth, became part of Twinkle in 2011, and a new module to make user blocking an easier process for administrators was developed in 2015. In 2019 Xiplus developed TwinkleGlobal which allows basic Twinkle tools on any project. The gadget continues to be updated and improved, in order to accommodate user requests and changes to Wikipedia processes. Customization for SEWP has been done by User:EhJJ and User:Intforce.

Quick info change

Getting started
To enable Twinkle on your account, receiving any future updates automatically, you can simply enable the "Twinkle" gadget in the Gadgets section of your Preferences page. (Don't forget to click "Save" at the bottom of the list of gadgets!) After installing, make sure to bypass your browser cache.
Customizing Twinkle
To modify many aspects of Twinkle's operation, you can visit the Twinkle preferences panel. Make your changes, and click "Save changes" at the bottom of the page. Then bypass your cache so your changes take effect.
Getting help
There is comprehensive information about Twinkle at the documentation page. If that page does not answer your question, consider asking at the talk page. IRC users can connect to the #wikipedia-userscripts or #wikipedia-en IRC channels.
Reporting bugs or requesting features
Twinkle is under active development, and we generally fix bugs reasonably quickly. If you find a bug, please help out by reporting it at our GitHub repository (you will need to have a GitHub account). If you don't want to create a github account, or you have a request for a new feature that could be added to Twinkle, you can ask at the talk page.
Twinkle does not work on Internet Explorer versions 8 or earlier. If you use Windows Vista or later, you can upgrade to Internet Explorer 9 or later, under which Twinkle will work. If you have Windows XP or earlier, try installing another browser, as Twinkle should be functional on most other modern browsers. Twinkle also works on the Android web browser as well as iOS and Nintendo Switch browsers.

Information for advanced users change

To install Twinkle on a per-skin basis, you can copy the text below and paste it into the bottom of your personal script file:


Then save the page. This method has no advantage over using the gadget, as Twinkle settings are no longer stored using "TwinkleConfig" lines in your personal JavaScript file.

If you have any old configuration set up using TwinkleConfig and/or FriendlyConfig, it will still be effective. However, if you use the preferences panel to modify your configuration, you are advised to remove all old Twinkle/Friendly configuration variables from your skin JavaScript file.

There is also a global version of Twinkle for use in doing rollbacks and deletion requests on all projects as well as allowing reporting to meta:SRG. It can be found here.

Documentation and configuration change

Before using Twinkle, one really should read its documentation to familiarize oneself with some of the possibilities and functions of Twinkle. There are multitudes of options that one can configure to change some of the default behaviours of Twinkle.

Development change

If you have feature requests, bug reports etc. especially for SEWP, you may add a topic on the development page.

Never forget that one takes full responsibility for any action performed using Twinkle. One must understand Wikipedia policies and use this tool within these policies or risk having one's account being blocked. Anti-vandalism tools, such as Twinkle, Huggle, and rollback should not be used to undo good-faith changes or in content disputes unless an appropriate edit summary is used.