Wikipe-tan (ウィキぺたん) is the unofficial mascot of the English and Spanish Wikipedia projects for anime. It was also nominated to be an official mascot in the English Wikipedia. It is a manga drawing showing a maid wearing pieces of the Wikipedia logo in her costume and also in her hair. The "-tan" suffix is commonly added to a character that resembles a cute character in manga.

Background change

Wikipe-tan was created as a drawing in 2006 by a Japanese Wikipedia administrator named Kasuga. The appearance of this drawing in Wikipedia started in January, 2006, when it was nominated to be a Wikipedia mascot. At the end it was not elected as the Wikipedia mascot but she has grown a lot of popularity amongst all the Wikimedia projects.

Character change

Wikipe-tan is drawn as a young girl costumed like a maid. This costume is made of dark blue and white silk. She never wears shoes. She is also wearing three parts of the puzzle of Wikipedia's logo. Two of them are holding in her hair (the left one is marked with the Chinese character "祖", and the right one is marked with the Greek character "Ώ") and the other one is in her costume's chest showing a "ワィ", that represents the Japanese katakana writing.

License change

This image is under the GFDL license and it is free of use in any kind of work without any problem. Commons hosts the majority of all these images and they are used in a lot of userpages on all the wikis.

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