Wind speed


Wind speed is the speed of the weather related air movement from one place to the next.[1]

Wind speed gauge, or anemometer

Wind speeds usually mean the movement of air in an outside environment, but the speed of movement of air inside is also important in many cases, including weather forecasting, aircraft and maritime operations, construction and civil engineering. High wind speeds can cause unpleasant side effects, and strong winds often have special names, including gales, hurricanes, and typhoons. The highest non-tornadic wind speed ever measured on earth, 253 miles per hour, was recorded on Barrow Island, Australia.[2]

Measurement change

The most simple method of measuring wind speed is to estimate the speed from the observed event against the Beaufort Scale. Obviously, this method is not the most accurate available, so each value on the scale represents a range of values, three on the scale, for example, covers the wind speeds between seven and ten knots.[3]

Notes change

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