World music

umbrella term for traditional, indigenous, popular or art music, not following North American or British popular and folk traditions

World music is the recognition of music from around the world.[1] This genre of music is increasingly used in popular culture. World music is often included into mainstream music. World music can also be part of exhibitions, performances, and shows that travel the world. World music is typically music that describes its own origin by its well-known sound features.

In Western countries it may describe a set of (music) market products collected from traditional music or folk music which were found in different parts of the world. In sampled world music collections the music is sung or played by people who traditionally live in the area. World music can be anything from a short song to a long Indian raga. Hindi music is a very popular genre in the category of world music - made even more famous by Bollywood movies.

World music artists can provide accompaniment, feature, background, or lead. World music groups have traveled the world. World music mixing and jamming is a popular activity among musicians. Some genres of world music have become known in a music category of their own. For example, reggae has achieved near to world-wide recognition.

Some music contests would considered to be world music in foreign audiences. Eurovision has grown in world popularity since it's beginnings.

Some songs are sung for international use. Each FIFA World Cup has a song. K'Naan sung a popular song called "Wave your flag" for the tourney in South Africa. These attributed songs have a 'world music' appeal.