Xiomara Acevedo

Colombian climate activist; founder and CEO of Barranquilla +20

Xiomara Acevedo is a Colombian climate change activist. She is the founder and CEO of the NGO Barranquilla +20. She stood for the inclusion of women and young people's voices in climate justice.

Xiomara Acevedo
OccupationClimate change activist
EmployerBarranquilla +20



Acevedo founded Barranquilla +20 in 2012. As of 2022, she serves as the CEO.[1][2] Barranquilla +20 is a youth-led non-governmental organization. It focused on climate activism and environmentalism in Barranquilla and throughout Latin America.[3][4]

Acevedo co-founded the network "El Orinoco se adypta" (Orinoco adapts). It uses a gender-based approach towards addressing and adapting to climate change in the Orinoquía natural region. It was founded around the year 2014.[2]

In 2015, Acevedo worked for the World Wide Fund for Nature in Paraguay.[5]

From 2016 to 2019, Acevedo worked as a climate change expert for the government of Nariño, Colombia. She was helping in the climate change policy.[5][6]

In 2021, Acevedo attended the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26). It was a part of the Women and Gender Constituency.[7] She stood for the importance of women's rights in achieving climate justice.[7]

Acevedo was the director of the Women for Climate Justice project (a project of Barranquilla +20). It was a 2021 initiative that focused the climate leadership of young women from across Colombia.[1][8][9] Barranquilla +20 was awarded $50,000 for the project by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in 2021.[1][10][11]

Acevedo was a member of the steering committee of the Global Youth Biodiversity Network.[1][12] She was also a member of the Youth Fund Committee of the Global Youth Climate Action Fund.[13]

Early life and career


Acevedo is from Barranquilla, Colombia.[1][8]

Acevedo completed her graduation from the Universidad del Norte, Colombia. She took a degree in international relations, with a focus on international law.[10][12] Acevedo attended the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. She studied climate finance.[1]


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