You Can't Do That on Television

television series

You Can't Do That on Television (YCDTOTV) is a Canadian children's television program that aired on Nickelodeon in the USA.[1] It was created by Roger Price and produced from 1979 until 1990. It mostly featured child actors in a sketch comedy format, acting out short scenes based on a theme that served as the topic for the episode. Connecting scenes based on the theme would often serve to create a story arc that lasted the length of the episode. It became known for its iconic green slime that was originally used in this show. The series is known also because future pop recording artist Alanis Morissette was in it as a cast member at some time.

In 2002, and again in 2004, YCDTOTV cast members reunited alongside fans of the show at SlimeCon, a fan-produced convention in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. YCDTOTV was a children's comedy show. Some people see it as a nostalgic cult classic. During the 2004 event, a Top Secret reunion special had its premiere.

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