École nationale supérieure des mines de Paris

French engineer school and a constituent college of PSL Research University

École nationale supérieure des mines de Paris is a graduate engineering school in France. It is in a campus of the PSL Reseach University (Northern France).[1]

École nationale supérieure des mines de Paris
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TypePublic, Graduate engineering school
48°50′44.291″N 2°20′22.898″E / 48.84563639°N 2.33969389°E / 48.84563639; 2.33969389
AffiliationsPSL Research University
Hôtel de Vandôme

Its different curricula lead to the following French & European degrees :

  • Ingénieur Mines ParisTech (Centralien Graduate engineer Masters level program)
  • Master of Science & PhD
  • Mastères Spécialisés
  • Massive Online Open Course[2]

Academic activities and industrial applied research are performed mainly in French and English languages. Students from a dozen of nationalities participate to the different curricula at Mines ParisTech.


Admission to the Mines ParisTech engineering Programme implemented at Mines ParisTech is possible after two/three year scientific undergraduate studies.

The Mines ParisTech Programme typically lasts three years and results in a master's degree, augmented with international experience. Thus undergraduate studies + the Mines Programme account for more than a cumulated 300 ECTS credits as applicable in the European education system.

Research labsEdit

Research activities at Mines ParisTech relate to the following topics:

  • Earth sciences and environment
  • Energy and processes
  • Mechanical and Materials engineering
  • Mathematics and systems
  • Economics, management, society

Notable graduatesEdit


  1. (in English)MINES ParisTech
  2. (in French)MINES ParisTech

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