École pratique des hautes études

French research and education institution

École pratique des hautes études (EPHE) it is an institution of advanced studies in Paris. It is not a university in the classical sense.[1]

École pratique des hautes études
TypePublic, Graduate engineering school
48°49′52.95″N 2°20′26.441″E / 48.8313750°N 2.34067806°E / 48.8313750; 2.34067806
AffiliationsPSL Research University

EPHE was founded on July 31, 1868 by a decree of the French Minister of Education Victor Duruy and is one of the grandes écoles. The main idea was to prepare students for research by participating in research practice. No diplomas were requested or awarded.[2]

EPHE has trained professionals in Asian and Islamic studies and, among them, investment bankers, diplomats and military officers specializing in these fields.[3]

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