1983 United Kingdom general election

election for members of the British House of Commons

A general election was held on 9 June 1983 to elect all 650 members to the House of Commons of the United Kingdom. The Conservative Party won by the largest majority since Labour in the 1945 general election. It meant that Margaret Thatcher stayed as Prime Minister.[1]

1983 United Kingdom general election

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All 650 seats in the House of Commons
326 seats needed for a majority
Opinion polls
Turnout72.7%, Decrease3.3%
  First party Second party Third party
  Margaret Thatcher (1983).jpg Michael Foot (1981).jpg DavidSteel1987 cropped.jpg
Roy Jenkins 1977 (cropped).jpg
Leader Margaret Thatcher Michael Foot
Party Conservative Labour SDP–Liberal Alliance
Leader since 11 February 1975 10 November 1980
Leader's seat Finchley Blaenau Gwent
Last election 339 seats, 43.9% 269 seats, 36.9% 11 seats, 13.8%[a]
Seats before 339 261 11
Seats won 397 209 23
Seat change Increase58[b] Decrease60[b] Increase12[b]
Popular vote 13,012,316 8,456,934 7,780,949
Percentage 42.4% 27.6% 25.4%
Swing Decrease1.5% Decrease9.3% Increase11.6%

UK General Election, 1983.svg
Colours show the winning party—as shown in § Results

House of Commons elected members, 1983.svg
Composition of the House of Commons after the election

Prime Minister before election

Margaret Thatcher

Prime Minister after election

Margaret Thatcher


  1. Results for the Liberals only. The SDP did not contest
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 Includes boundary change—so this is a nominal figure.


  1. 1983: Thatcher triumphs again, BBC News, 5 April 2005, retrieved 22 March 2015