2000 UEFA Cup semi-final violence

2000 fights between English and Turkish football fans

The 2000 UEFA Cup semi-final violence was a number of fights in Istanbul, Turkey between fans of English football team Leeds United and Turkish team, Galatasaray before their UEFA Cup semi-final first leg. It is noted for the deaths of two Leeds fans.

Events Edit

The events happened at 21:00 in Istanbul's Taksim Square during a fight between Leeds fans and Galatasaray fans[1] the day before their UEFA Cup semi-final first leg at Galatasaray's Ali Sami Yen Stadium in Istanbul on 6 April 2000.[2]

Leeds fans had been reportedly taunting people from local bars, to which the Turkish police were called in to stop fights breaking out. There were reports that a Galatasaray fan had run to a nearby phone box to call for help when he saw Leeds fans coming into the area. A large number of Galatasaray fans, reportedly part of a gang called "The Night Watchmen",[3] entered the area soon after which led to a fight between the two sets of fans which led to the two Leeds fans being stabbed.[4] Police arrested Ali Umit Demir and three other men for the stabbings.[5]

It was not clear how the fight started with reports of the fight either being started by Leeds fans throwing beer glasses at Galatasaray fans and being rude about the Turkish flag[6] or being started by Galatasaray fans throwing chairs[4] or attacking Leeds fans with knives.[7]

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