2003 Casablanca bombings

suicide attack

The 2003 Casablanca bombings were multiple suicide bombings on May 16, 2003, in Casablanca, Morocco. The attacks were the deadliest terrorist attacks in Morocco. Forty-five people were killed in the attacks (33 victims and 12 suicide bombers). The suicide bombers came from the shanty towns in the poor suburb of Casablanca.

2003 Casablanca bombings
Part of the Insurgency in the Maghreb
Upward view of the Boulevard de Paris, where the bombings occurred
LocationCasablanca, Morocco
DateMay 16, 2003
TargetWestern and Jewish targets
Attack type
Suicide attack
Deaths45 (includes 12 terrorists)[1]
More than 100
PerpetratorsSalafia Jihadia


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