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The 2008 World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Draft was the fifth yearly (and sixth overall) Draft held by WWE. The Draft was held on June 23, 2008 in San Antonio, Texas from the AT&T Center.[1] The Draft took place live for three hours on WWE's flagship program, Raw, which aired on the USA Network.[2]



The Draft was announced by WWE Chairman, Vince McMahon on the May 26 2008 episode of Raw.[3] During the announcement, he stated that every WWE Superstar, Diva, and Commentators were eligible to be drafted.[4]

Superstar selectionsEdit

Televised draftEdit

Pick # Brand (To) Superstar/Diva Brand (From) Notes
1 Raw Rey Mysterio SmackDown!
2 SmackDown! Jeff Hardy Raw
3 Raw CM Punk ECW
4 ECW Matt Hardy SmackDown! Matt Hardy was the WWE United States Champion at the time he was drafted, making the United States Championship ECW exclusive.
5 SmackDown! Jim Ross Raw The team of Raw representatives, Melina and Mickie James, wrestled the team of SmackDown representatives, Natalya and Victoria to a double-disqualification. As a result, both Raw and SmackDown received draft picks.
6 Raw Michael Cole SmackDown!
7 Raw Batista SmackDown!
8 SmackDown! Umaga Raw
9 Raw Kane ECW Kane was ECW Champion when drafted thus making the title Raw exclusive.
10 SmackDown! Mr. Kennedy Raw
11 SmackDown! Triple H Raw Triple H was WWE Champion when drafted thus making the title SmackDown exclusive.

Supplemental draftEdit

Pick # Brand (To) Superstar/Diva Brand (From) Notes
1 ECW Mark Henry SmackDown!
2 Raw Jamie Noble SmackDown!
3 SmackDown! Trevor Murdoch Raw
4 SmackDown! Big Daddy V ECW
5 Raw Deuce SmackDown!
6 SmackDown! DH Smith Raw
7 ECW Hornswoggle SmackDown!
8 ECW Super Crazy Raw
9 Raw Chuck Palumbo SmackDown!
10 SmackDown! Brian Kendrick Raw
11 Raw Matt Striker ECW
12 SmackDown! Maria Raw
13 SmackDown! Shelton Benjamin ECW
14 ECW Finlay SmackDown!
15 SmackDown! Carlito Raw
16 Raw Layla ECW
17 Raw Kofi Kingston ECW

Source: Official Supplemental Draft Results

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