2014-15 Kentucky Wildcats men's basketball

2014–15 season of University of Kentucky men's basketball team

The 2014–15 Kentucky Wildcats men's basketball team represented the University of Kentucky in their 39th season. They played their home games at the Rupp Arena. The team was led by John Calipari for 6 seasons in a row.

The 2014-2015 team won all 31 games in the regular season, similar to what the Witchita State team did the year before. They were the first team in NCAA basketball to begin a season with a record of 38-0 (38 wins and no losses). After the regular season, the 2014-2015 team made it to the Final Four, playing against the Wisconsin Badgers for the second year in a row. The Final Four tournament was held in Indianapolis.

The 2014-2015 Kentucky Wildcats men's basketball team lost to Wisconsin in the Final Four, finishing their season 38-1, so they did not have a perfect record and were not the champions that year.