2022 Tunisian constitutional referendum

constitutional referendum in Tunisia

The 2022 Tunisian constitutional referendum is a referendum in Tunisia held on 25 July 2022 which was organized by the Independent High Authority for Elections to allow a national vote on a new constitution.[1] This referendum was supported by President Kais Saied.

2022 Tunisian constitutional referendum

25 July 2022

Do you support the new draft constitution for the Tunisian republic?
Votes %
Yes 2,607,884 94.60%
No 148,723 5.40%
Valid votes 2,756,607 97.40%
Invalid or blank votes 73,487 2.60%
Total votes 2,830,094 100.00%
Registered voters/turnout 9,278,541 30.5%

The referendum proposed to expand the powers given to the president and to make Tunisia a presidential system instead of a semi-presidential system.

Voters voted in a landslide to expand the presidential powers in Tunisia.[2]


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